Oldarra, men choir in the Basque Country

Known as the best Basque choir ever, Oldarra spreads the traditional songs and culture of the Basque Country from over 70 years now.

Settled in Biarritz and led by Iñaki Urtizberea, the choir performs in many local and international stages, extracting from its song books profane or holy Basque songs, but also playing classical pieces and melodies from around the world. 

Voice in harmony

Created by Basque refugies, after the Spanish civil war, OLDARRA, from the start, has developped in the heart of Biarritz Basque culture, and is issued from a centenary patrimony.


Singing and dancing has enabled us to perpetuate united spirit and the olidarity that animated the founders of the group.

The momentum that lives within us

Solidar chorus which expresses A conception of the living

Way of living with strength and warmth of voice From emotion to authenticity

A "pitch" chorus !


To lead an artistic line, to express feelings, emotions with the instrument which is the voice is my role, enhances the actual musical’s director, Iñaki Urtizberrea

To keep the Oldarra’s spirit by staying aware of the evolution of the Basque culture as well as other horizons enables us to grow together.

Our last album

The songs on this recording are in the air we breathe, breath who will share the Basque soul.

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Our next lives

Time doesn’t alter our enthousiasm to share moments of emotion, short lasting moments but unique ones.

Each concert is a special moment, by its location, songs and the sharing that occurs then

Situation Event Hours
BIARRITZ Eglise Ste-Eugénie 28/04/2020 21 heures
Our next lives